Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Walker, Republicans, Democrats and The Media

We find this at Rush Limbaugh.com. It starts around 17 - 18 minutes in hour 2. It's an interesting read or listen at his site. The discussion really hits home with a lot of voters in this country and in the state of Wisconsin.

Caller: George W. Bush gave us Obama. Bush didn’t fight back against smears.

The bottom line, George W. Bush let the democrats and the media roll all over. He wouldn't stand up to negative attacks that were not true. 

We wonder why in Wisconsin, Scott Walker and most in the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly let the democrats and the media roll them almost all of the time? It was a joke in the Wiscosnin Senate today while they were voting on amendments to the States John Doe laws.

What do they get? John Doe, lies about the budget surplus, and on and on and on! Obviously Scott Walker was not ready for Washington. Walker got rolled by democrats and the media and decided to take his toys and went home.

When will republicans stand up to democrats. In Wisconsin and in Washington. 

It's like, the 8th District Congressman in Wisconsin is proud he is a No Labels guy who just wants to get along with democrats! We didn't send a carpetbagger to Washington to get along with the left!

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