Sunday, June 07, 2015

New Wisconsin Democrat Party Chair

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English: Logo of the Democratic Party of the United States. Light blue D inside a darker blue circle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Will Martha Laning carry on as former Wisconsin state Chair Mike Tate?

Laning was elected Saturday as the new chair of the state democrat party.

Her basic plan to lift the dem party of Wisconsin out of it's obscurity is messaging.

This and more from her web site.
Messaging » Martha Laning for Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair: "In the past several electoral cycles, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has failed in its attempt to connect with Wisconsin voters. The fundamental problem is that our message is not resonating with voters across the state. The Democratic preference for detailed, fact-filled messaging seems to leave glazed-over voters in our communication wake. 
Republicans, on the other hand, are masterful storytellers. They consistently show vs. tell voters about issues and candidates by using emotional stories and anecdotes instead of facts and figures. They've had great success positioning themselves as real people reaching out to real people. As much as we'd like to believe otherwise, voters often choose their candidates on the basis of perceived chemistry, and if that candidate champions their most pressing personal issues, so much the better. "

Language choice goes far beyond good grammar and political correctness, as we learn from Dr. George Lakoff. Lakoff taught linguistics at Berkeley, CA. He authored the book, Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know your values and frame the debate. This is bedrock. I will establish a Messaging Task Force made up of an equal representation of stakeholders from all levels of the party and areas of our state. We will:
Time will tell if Laning uses the Lakeoff spin towards voters and will she get the full participation of the Wisconsin media to help her pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Wisconsin. What do you think?

Jerry Bader in Northeastern and Central Wisconsin talk radio should have a field day with this on Monday.

Update: Also reported by Jerry Bader, Laning recently just joined the Wisconsin democrat party. She didn't know you had to be a pay money to join the democrat party? Wisconsin dem party front and center!  Link to JSOnline story.

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