Monday, June 08, 2015

Fond du Lac Union Members, Do The Math

Map of Wisconsin highlighting Fond du Lac County
Map of Wisconsin highlighting Fond du Lac County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It seems Fond du Lac County workers are making less money than their non union co workers. It seems because of ACT 10, they are capped on wage increases.

County considers workaround of Act 10 restrictions for union: "Act 10 removed the ability of public employees unions to negotiate for anything but a pay increase limited to the Consumer Price Index. The county board approved a 1.57-percent increase for the union's members, which is the maximum allowed under the law this year.
Other non-union county employees received a 2-percent increase without similar restrictions at the beginning of the year.
"In other words, this group is being penalized by the state because they didn't decertify their union," Board Chairman Martin Farrell said.
Marx recommended the board approve a supplemental pay increase for the more than 70 employees affected to make up for the difference. The extra pay would work like a bonus, being paid once in a lump sum in the first pay period of December."

If the union members would just do they math, they would be coming out ahead. If they decertify the union they would get a higher wage increase and keep their union dues. It a win, win to throw out the union. What's so hard about keeping more of their own money!

Do the math people!

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