Monday, August 22, 2011

Is Marinette Sherrff A Democrat

From Marinette Eagle Herald Extra.

Walker visits Wausaukee - EHEXTRA - Marinette, WI

Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve was in Wausaukee Saturday as the massive cleanup effort was under way and Sunday for Walker's visit.

"I showed him and his entourage around up there - the damage - he went to the scene of the fatality as well as out on Long Lake Road and visited with some people there that had significant damage to their home and property," Sauve said.

"He also met with family of the deceased, privately, at the Wausaukee school and then he met with the local officials."

State Rep. Jeff Mursau, R-Crivitz, was also in Wausaukee on Sunday, the sheriff confirmed.
Sauve said that as of early Sunday evening all of the roads in the area were passable - and he thought that power had been restored to all of the (estimated 2,000) residents who had lost electricity due to the storm.

After showing Walker around Wausaukee, Sauve said he had a chance to speak personally with the governor.

"Politics aside, he did a really nice job up here in our county," Sauve said. "I was impressed - he was sincere about it."

First, I was impressed the Marimnette County Sheriff was working on a Saturday and Sunday.

So I read this article about the Wisconsin Governor seeing the damage from a tornado in the Wausaukee area.

So what's with, "I showed him and his entourage around", entourage, what the heck is he talking about, was Obama's people visited Wisconsin? 

What's with "Politics aside" mean? 

And then, "I was impressed - he was sincere about it.." So Scott Walker cares about the people of Wisconsin when disaster hits? So Jerry just ASSumed Walker is this evil, dirty, right wing, pro life, gun toting republican the media only tells Walker is a jerk and he can't believe Scott Walker was sincere? 

Maybe someone in the rank and file will run to get Jerry replaced next election. Like I said, I'm not sure if Jerry is a democrat but obviously he's talking with democrat talking points! 


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Anon, thanks for stopping over. Sorry you can't even give your first name.

Is it Reid?

You go have a GREAT weekend. Please stay away from high buildings and sharp knives.

Take care.