Monday, August 22, 2011

MIS Speedway, GREAT Weekend

Sorry for the lack of posts but I'm not rich enough to have a laptop with wi fi at the campgrounds at Brooklyn Michigan. 

I have to thank MIS thanks Roger, NASCAR, our Michigan neighbors at the campgrounds and the most beautiful and gracious Mrs B for the two of us going to the races this past weekend. 

Couple of comments. 

Wooooohoooo, Kyle Busch take P 1 and is number one in the standings after winning the Pure Michigan 400. 

If Mark Martin had another 20 laps I think he could of taken first. Well, Kyle won and it was a good race to watch. 

Good to see a lot of good people from Canada at the race.

Snyder, the gov from Michigan is not getting good remarks from the people of Michigan. I think it was the Secretary of State getting boo's also at the race.

Most people from Michigan didn't know what a real old Fashion drink is and never played liars dice before. 

Back home at the compound and am unloading and clean up is next. 

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