Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Interest For Dave Hansen Recall

I received this e mail from someone in Dave Hansen's district who is looking forward to the Recall Dave Hansen Meeting Saturday. Thought I would pass a part of it on.
I saw your blog and will be at Rock Garden @ noon Saturday.

I know Dave Hansen, and recalling him will do a great service to the
district and the State.

The silent majority is silent no longer. Elections have consequences.
Thanks for the post. I look forward to the recall meeting.
Where is Hansen anyway? Oh, that's right he is still out of state. There are a lot of good people like this gentleman in this state that are sick and tired of the games the dems are playing.

Try 2 Focus has the details of the Saturday meeting.


Anonymous said...

Have a feeling there will be good turnout Saturday. Especially considering the google rank of the recall post!

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Good luck with your meeting. Mine is today. I live in the 12th and will work to recall Holperin.

Keep up your great work.

Anonymous said...

We used to live in Wisconsin & wish we were there to recall DAVE HANSEN.

Good-luck on all your recalls!
Dory....from COLORADO

DR said...

Let's hope voters recall their absent senators. It's past time for them to learn they work for us not the other way around.

far away said...

I currently live in another state, but grew up in Marinette and still own property in Wisconsin. I pay taxes on that property and also pay my Mother's (lives in Marinette) income taxes. I suspect I can't vote for the recall but am furious over Hansen's cowardice. He has negated every vote cast by WI residents last November. What else can I do to help you?

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Far away,

I know the meeting for Hansen's recall is tomorrow. When more details come out, I will try to pass them along or you can follow Try 2 Focus blog. He is doing a GREAT job on this.

If you know any one here in Wisconsin who might sign the petition, get them to sign.

It pretty bad you pay taxed and can't vote but I guess that democracy.

We all need to keep this fire burning.

Take care and have a GREAT weekend

Anonymous said...

Own property in Marinette County and pay taxes on it. Has anyone looked into Marinette Mayor Harbick's refusal to allow recall petition group into the courthouse? This is outrageous and HE should be recalled. What jurisdiction does a City official have over a County facility. None I suspect. This is a publc building, not his castle!!

faraway said...

To Paul-Berry Laker,

Thanks for the info. Three brothers, 2 sister-in-law, a sister and my mother have all signed the petition. They, in turn, have notified all their acquaintances.


Paul - Berry Laker said...

Anonymous, I hope the republicans in Marimette County are working against the Mayor. I agree, something should be done.

Far away, Great work, keep the fire burning.

Both you two, have a GREAT week.

faraway said...

Interesting...The Marinette Paper, generall a pretty far left rag, ran an article in its opinion column that was actually the Green Bay Press Gazette's opinion article a few days ago in which the Press Gazette hammers the Marinette mayor for this illegal act. I have a pretty good feeling the mayor (Harbick) is going to hear from a lot of local citizens soon.

A funny (and true) story- Harbick's first wife was my (and 4 other siblings') baby sitter when I was younger. He was her boyfried at that time and would sneak in when my parents left to put on his night moves. When he heard my parents pull up in the driveway he'd crash through the front door and jump off our porch. I am laughing at the similarity between his "bolting" and the 14 incompetant cowards known as WI Senate Democrats!!