Friday, September 30, 2011

Why Didn't Tommy Barrett Bet A Choo Choo

From WSAW7. 

Mayors of Milwaukee, Phoenix Place Wager on Playoff Series

Font Size: MILWAUKEE (AP) — The Milwaukee and Phoenix mayors are betting on the outcome of the playoff series between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is betting a gift basket from the Milwaukee Public Market and Phoenix Mayor Mayor Phil Gordon is putting up a Phoenix Public Market gift basket.

Milwaukee won its first division title this season since capturing the AL East in 1982, the year the franchise made its only World Series appearance.

The Diamondbacks were one of the surprises of baseball, earning their first NL West title since 2007 on their way to winning 94 games.

The first two games are in Milwaukee Saturday and Sunday.

In a statement, Barrett says he looks forward to the specialty products from Phoenix when the Brewers win the series.

I don't live in Milwaukee But the boys do attend UWM. Can someone tell me what a  Milwaukee Public Market is?

For God's sake, what is Tommy thinking about? 

Why didn't Tommy bet a choo choo?

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Dad29 said...

The Public Market is a square-block (or so) of chi-chi Farmers' Market vendors. It's on Clybourn (or maybe St Paul), just east of the river.

Not worth the trip.