Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reid Ribble Should Switch Parties

The Green Bay Press has this article about Reid Ribble the Congressman from the Wis. 8th District. You really need to read the whole article to get the full arrogance of Reid Ribble.

Ribble, who represents the 8th Congressional District, has not voted since the 2010 midterms, when he ousted incumbent Democrat Steve Kagen of Appleton. 

 He was the only member of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation to skip the April 5 spring election, which featured a high-profile race for the state Supreme Court. And of the five members of Congress who are registered to vote in state Senate districts that held a recall election this summer, Ribble is the only one who didn’t vote. 

 On Monday, Ribble called his failure to vote in the April 5 election “an unfortunate and unforced error,” and disclosed for the first time that he hasn’t lived in the 8th Congressional District since March, which explains why he didn’t vote in an Aug. 9 recall election targeting state Sen. Robert Cowles, R-Allouez.

Let me get this straight. 

1) This wasn't in the article but it kind of goes with the actions of Reid Ribble. Ribble votes like Obama in voting "Present" on H.J. Res 77. So he can't vote yes or no? Do you know how many times Obama voted present? 129 times.

Back to the article.

2) Ribble didn't vote in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race with Prosser? Why not? 

3) Ribble didn't vote in Wisconsin state senate race with Cowles? Why not? 

4) Ribble moved out of the 8th district last March and told everyone he moved out this summer. Oh, looks like he lied. 

5) Ribble promised not to miss another vote again. How can we believe him? 

I do not trust Reid Ribble on anything he says or does. I am conservative and did not vote for and will not vote for Ribble in the future. Remember, Ribble replaced Pelosi puppet Steve Kagen.

 I worked to get Steve Kagen replaced but there are a couple things I know about Steve Kagen. You could hate Kagen for his votes, dislike Kagen for what he stood for, Not understand what Kagen would say, yes Kagen would make things up (men's bathroom with Cheney) Kagen would hide things from the voters. Kagen didn't pretend to be someone one he wasn't. Kagen was just a typical Democrat. Everyone knew that. 

So now were stuck with Ribble, a so called republican who acts just like a democrat. You Ribble voters must be really proud. It will be interesting to see all the die hard Ribble supporters explain this one. Come on man, explain this one.

If Ribble is going to act like a democrat, talk like a democrat, vote like a democrat, why doesn't he just switch parties? I'm sure the democrats will take him in a heart beat. 

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