Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wis. 30th Senate District Race, What Happened?????

Congrat's to Dave Hansen.

July 19 recall, special election results - JSOnline

My first question is how can Dave Hansen have an "i" by his name if he is a democrat? I'm just asking. The information is from JSOnline! 

"Name .Party ....Votes ........Vote %
Hansen , Dave (i) Dem 20,653 66%
VanderLeest , David GOP 10,604 34%"

Seems one of two things happened here. 
1) republicans didn't show up to vote. I find that hard to believe. 
2) republicans voted for Dave Hansen! I'll take that as a maybe. VanderLeest did a lot of work for the recall but had a lot of baggage.

In the 12th senate recall they gathered over 20,000 signatures. In Hansen's district they collected close to or the same amount. 

What the heck happened? Where did an extra 10,000 votes come from for Hansen? 

I wasn't warm to Vander Leest but at least he wasn't a RINO, a liberal tax increasing guy like Hansen or a carpetbagger like ....! No I won't say who that is! With all the crooked dems in office who cares about the past ?

Something doesn't pass the smell test here. If you watched the results from JSOnline, 65% of the vote in Hansen's district came in by 9:18 pm while the other two races at the same time only had 30% in the 12th and 19% reporting in southeastern Wisconsin. If JSOnline is in Milwaukee, why did they get the Green Bay vote first before Kenosha? Hummmmm.

O K, no sour grapes here in the 30th district. I don't live there anymore. I just want to say how the republicans  didn't vote, the conservatives stayed home and the candidate that should be running against Dave Hansen today is none other then "T" Nygren. 

Since John "T" Nygren was such good friends with Terry "T" McCormick, he sure ran a GREAT campaign like hers from 2008. The reason I say that is back in 2008 "T" McCormick and John "T" Nygren were at a "T"ea party event in Marinette. The other candidates running at the time were not able to be involved in the forum. They were there but were not asked to participate. Ask Mark Savar!. Since John "T" Nygren is such good friends with "T" McCormick, he can sit with "T" in the line of 

"That could of been me" of political success. 

Republicans just never learn!

Side note, I hope my representative Jeff Mursau doesn't hang out with John "T" Nygren. He could be out the door in the next election too! Jeff, don't cross the conservative right. 

But then again, YAHOOOOOOOOOO to Kim Simac for a win tonight and on to send Jim Holperin home in August!

Vote Simac August 16th


PSput said...

Dave Hansen IS a democrat.
The "I" after his name on the ballot stands for "Incumbent", nothing else.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Thanks P,

I forgot about that. It was late and I was tired but no excuses.

Have a GREAT week.

brvanlanen said...

I would lean towards conservatives not enthusiastically turning out to vote.

It could mean they didn't want to vote for the lesser of two evils or it could mean enthusiasm in this race took a major nose dive after Nygren and the GOP failed to make sure he had the max of 800 signatures.

The silver lining is that despite Hansen getting the same vote percentage as '08, Dems & liberals will claim this victory shows that Walker & the GOP went too far.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Thanks Brad,

I hope your right and let's hope the right's turnout will be better in August.

To you and your family, take care.