Friday, July 22, 2011

FAA Shutdown, The Sky Is Falling

From the Green Bay Press.

FAA shutdown would cost government $200M a week | Green Bay Press Gazette |

The above headline sounds like all flights will be grounded. 

Chicken little, the sky is falling, the planes are falling. 

The dirty little secret is that big gov won't collect ticket taxes. Let me repeat that, T A X E S!!!!!

So flights will still be flying and maybe TSA won't be grouping the passengers. 


Dad29 said...

That's part of the "Zombies Take Over NYC, Dow Falls 5,000 Points, Grocery Stores Empty" bullshit being pumped by the (R) and (D) flunkies and ALL the Fed bureaucrats who should lose their damn jobs.

Paul - Berry Laker said...


I agree but will add,


Have a GREAT weekend.