Monday, July 11, 2011

New Wisconsin Voting Rules

From Green Bay Press

When voters on Tuesday kick off a winding, five-week stretch of recall elections that could reshape the Republican-led state Senate and further upend Wisconsin politics, a litany of new voting rules awaits them.

Though a widely publicized law that requires voters to provide photo identification at the ballot box doesn't begin until next year, recall voters will have to sign their names on poll lists before they are given ballots in Tuesday's Democratic primaries, which include elections in Northeastern Wisconsin's 2nd and 14th Senate districts.

"If the voter refuses to sign the poll list, the voter will not be able to vote," said Nathaniel Robinson, elections division administrator with the state Government Accountability Board.


quartercelt said...

Excellent! This is the first giant step toward protection of voter rights. Thank you for educating the electorate.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Q, thank you for the comment.

Let's hope the elections go well.

Take care.