Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Thought Walker Cut Bus Transportation Budgets

What is this? Free rides, I thought budgets were cut? 

Free bus rides in Green Bay on Saturdays - WeAreGreenBay
"Reported by: Caroline Rowland
Wednesday, July 13 2011
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) -- Riding the bus on Saturday will be free, starting July 16. It's being called 'Green Saturdays.'

It is one of four new changes the Green Bay Metro is making to increase ridership on its buses.

Other changes include lowering the price for students from $1.50 to $1, and increasing routes on the west side of the city.

If you already ride the bus on the west side, Wittig says your travel time could be cut by 30 minutes. He points to the St. Norbert to Bay Park Square mall route as an example. He says the trip used to take an hour, now it takes less than 15 minutes.

They are also rolling out 10 brand new, 'greener' buses starting tomorrow. They say the buses are more energy efficient and release less emissions.

Metro Director Tom Wittig said they hope the changes will help to shift the public's perspective of riding the bus.

'Using transit is easy and fun, and that's the message we want to get through,' said Wittig.

For more information on routes and prices visit the Green Bay Metro website. "

Can somebody straighten me out here? Did or didn't Scott Walker cut spending for local transit? I heard stories this past spring that Walkers budget would stop, lay off drivers and cut bus service to major cities in Wisconsin.

If city transit budgets were cut, how can they give free service on Saturdays? I smell a rat here!

O K, Maybe this is a great promotion for the Green Bay Transit buses but tell us it's a promotion. Don't tell us your out of money and will lay drivers off and then give free rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

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