Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chokegate, “You were not choked.”

Seems more details are coming out on chokegate. 

More Details Emerge in Wisconsin’s ‘Chokegate’ - By Christian Schneider - The Corner - 
National Review Online:

"According to one witness, Bradley charged toward Prosser, shaking her clenched fist in his face. Another source says they were “literally nose to nose.” Prosser then put his hands up to push her away. As one source pointed out, if a man wants to push a woman who is facing him, he wouldn’t push her in the chest (unless he wants to face an entirely different criminal charge). Consequently, Prosser put his hands on Bradley’s shoulders to push her away, and in doing so, made contact with her neck.

At that moment, another justice approached Bradley from behind and pulled her away from Prosser, saying, “Stop it, Ann, this isn’t like you.” Bradley then shouted, “I was choked!” Another justice present replied, “You were not choked.” In a statement following the incident, Bradley maintained Prosser “put his hands around my neck in anger in a chokehold.”"

The left is getting unhinged. I think Bradley should resign. 

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DR said...

Bradley should resign and resign now. The left is making a complete mockery of this great state.