Monday, June 06, 2011

Breaking News Howard ( Green Bay)

The Green Bay Press has the news of a Roundabout that injured a moped driver.

HOWARD -- A Suamico man sustained life-threatening injuries Sunday night when he lost control of his moped in a roundabout was thrown to the curb, hitting his head.

According to the Brown County Sheriff's Department:

Is the world now going to end? I thought these roundabouts were safe? 

My God, what next?????????????????????????????


Personal training sunshine coast said...

It is awesome

Dad29 said...


Frankly, if the roundabout is in the right place and there's enough visibility, low-speed roads, etc., the single MOST dangerous part is the damnfool drivers who don't know how to drive.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Sunshine, what's awesome?


I will say your right but I still don't like them getting forced down our throats from the DOT. I don't want to become more like Europe.

Take care. Have a GREAT week.

DR said...

I hate the things, no one knows how to use them and they take up more time.