Saturday, April 09, 2011

Seems The AP and Green Bay Press Left Out Something

From the AP and the Green Bay Press. Seems the two AP writers left out two important sentences about the situation from Waukasha County and the article about the Prosser Kloppenburg race for Wis. Supreme Court..Here's from the GBP.

Ramona Kitzinger, the vice chair of Waukesha County Democratic Party who observed the canvass, said she is satisfied the numbers are correct.

"We went over everything and made sure all the numbers jibed up and they did," she said.

Wait, where's here last comment? Something's missing here? From JSOnline

Nickolaus worked for 13 years for a Republican caucus that was controlled by Prosser when he was Assembly speaker in 1995 and 1996. She was given immunity from prosecution in a 2002 criminal investigation into illegal activity by members of the caucus where she worked as a data analyst and computer specialist.

Seems they left this little titbit out.

Those numbers jibed up, and we're satisfied they're correct.' As a Democrat, she said, 'I'm not going to stand here and tell you something that's not true.'

Hummmmm, I wonder why they didn't want the readers to know this? Could it be the are a little partisan? The media at irt again. Hiding the truth from the people of Wisconsin. 

Shame, shame, shame on these two writers and shame, shame on the Green Bay Press for not being straight with their readers! Typical media.

Looks like Ramona might as well turn republican. Her days as a dem are numbered.  

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