Friday, April 08, 2011

Schumer, Tea Party People are Fleas,

Chuck U Schumer calls you a F L E A ? 

Schumer likens conservatives to a flea - The Hill's Floor Action:

 "Schumer likens conservatives to a flea
By Josiah Ryan - 04/08/11 03:39 PM ET
Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) compared House conservatives to a flea Friday as rhetoric in the spending fight intensified.

Schumer, who has been criticizing Republicans all day, said in a floor speech Friday that conservatives were the flea controlling the dog, which he said in this case is a federal government that could shut down at midnight.

“What we have here is a flea, wagging a tail, wagging a dog,” said Schumer, chairman of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee.

“The flea are the minority of House Republicans who are hard right, the tail is the House Republican caucus, and the dog is the government,” Schumer explained. “That flea is influencing what the dog does ... and it is sad.”"

Chuck, you have not heard from us yet! But you will! Wait till 2012!


Robert the Bruce said...

Like the original Tea Party events, we are now one step closer to civil war with the Democrats and their liberal, "progressive", Marxist agenda.

Let it Be.

Robert in Bangkock, Thailand

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Robert, Thank you for your comment.

I agree.

Have a GREAT weekend