Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Would The Dems Do? Screw Republicans, And You Know It Budget Blog: 
Fitzgerald, Ellis say Republicans dropping fines, other measures for Dems

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (left) and President Mike Ellis said this afternoon they are dropping the $100 fines levied against Dems for leaving the state and are working to allow their votes to count again in committee.

Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, sent his caucus an e-mail yesterday that Dems remain in contempt of the Senate for ignoring quorum calls during their absence. Fitzgerald said Dems can signal their support or opposition in committee, but those votes would not be officially recorded."

I am disappointed in Fitz and Ellis on this move. What the heck was the November election all about? Buck up and don't back down!

Why buckle? Fine them, they left the state, follow the rules, they left the state. Why knuckle under to people who will screw you any chance they will get in the future.Jim Holperin is my state senator, why are you giving him a pass on him leaving the state and disfranchise my vote. 

Fitz, this will come back to bite you and it won't be pretty!

Would the dems let you back in? Never! They would play with you for years and you and Ellis know it! This smells of a RINO move and I am not happy!

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