Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Voter Fraud Coming To Wisconsin

The Green Bay Press has a story from Ben Jones about how the unions will work more on upcoming elections.

Union supporters plot transition from street protests to ballot box
9:48 PM, Mar. 12, 2011

The war has begun,” declared a sign clutched by Mark Dickinson, a wastewater treatment plant operator from Wisconsin Rapids.

“We’re losing battles, but if you quit after the first battle, you lose the war,” Dickinson said. “We’re here for the long haul and I think you are going to see people here for a long time.”

And this.

“The future of our state is in the balance,” Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller, a Monona Democrat, told the Capitol Square crowd. “I don’t think anybody knew what they were getting in this last election and they’ve asked for a do-over.”

So Miller doesn't like the results and wants a do over. Geez, I didn't see this when Obama was elected. 

First question, where were they last November? Second, this just tells us voter fraud is coming big time and we better be ready to stop it. The media will ignore fraud by union workers and teachers. The media will ignore indoctrination by teachers to their students against republicans. The media will target recalls towards republicans and put democrat recalls on the back page. 

Hey unions leaders, Last November,


Society will be dragged through the gutter and it will not be pretty. The cry baby union thugs will fight till the end. Someone this past week said (paraphrasing) and I'm sorry for not remembering who said it but it sank in. Union leader and their members shouldn't wish too much for what they want, they may not like what they get.

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