Thursday, February 25, 2010

WDNR, Not Taking Anymore CRAP or UP YOURS

From the Wisconsin paper of record, The Lakeland-Times

"We were asked to drive our vintage snowmobiles in the parade," Ellenbecker said. "Just when we were going to ride onto Lake Minocqua we were stopped by DNR personnel. They said because our snowmobiles were unregistered we could not ride them in the torchlight parade. And then they would not allow us to drive them back to our hotel. My husband was forced to find a ride back to the hotel, bring back our vehicle and trailer and then put them on the trailer before driving back."

It gets better, look what the WDNR said to them.

"We said we've done this for seven years, but one DNR person said, 'This is the law. We are not wavering. We're not going to take any crap this year.'"

Talk about strong arm tactics, or to the people of Wisconsin,

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