Friday, February 26, 2010

Dr Smooth, Steve Kagen

Dr. Steve Kagen, like a snake oil salesman shows how smooth he can be by presenting nonsense to the people of Wisconsin.
From the Oshkosh Northwestern.

"Kagen seeks to amend Obama's health care proposal
By LARRY BIVINS • Gannett Washington Bureau • February 26, 2010

WASHINGTON - Rep. Steve Kagen introduced legislation Thursday aimed at fixing what he said was the lone flaw in President Barack Obama’s health care proposal." Kagen seeks to amend Obama’s health care proposal | | Oshkosh Northwestern

How can you attach a bill to a proposal? I can see attaching an amendment to a bill already in congress, but come on Congressman Kagen, your kidding, aren't you? Even Larry Bivins headline says "proposal".

Kagen’s Transparency in All Health Care Pricing Act would require any business or individual offering health care-related services or products to openly disclose all their prices, including on the Internet.

The measure "would finally allow patients to see the price of a pill before they swallow it," the Northeast Wisconsin Democrat said.

Ultimately, Kagen said, the transparency would foster greater competition and lower premium costs.

"When was the last time you bought something without knowing the price?" said Kagen, who is a physician.

Wow, Kagen's been pushing this for a while. A link to a oldie but goodie from 2007 by Jo over at FoxPolitics.
Transparency has been one of the cornerstones of Kagen’s vision of health care reform. He also wants to see a standard benefits package and a ban against denying coverage to consumers with pre-existing medical conditions.

While the proposal, which Obama introduced Monday, contains a standard benefits plan and a non-discrimination provision, it lacks the transparency element necessary for real reform, Kagen said.

Kagen said he first offered his proposal as an amendment to the health care bill the House passed in June. But House leadership barred amendments from being attached to the bill.

He introduced his measure Thursday as a stand-alone bill at the same time Obama was hosting a bipartisan summit on health care reform.

So in June Pelosi told Kagen to get lost (house barred amendments) and yesterday he has the nerve to propose an amendment to a PLAN / PROPOSAL. Does Steve Kagen think everyone back in Wisconsin is ..............S T U P I D?
During his weekly telephone conference with Wisconsin reporters Wednesday, Kagen said Obama’s plan was a starting point for a new round of debate on health care reform.

"It may not be a perfect bill, but we can fix it as we move along," Kagen said. "Everyone we’re listening to in my district says we have to do something. It’s important to get started."

So on Wednesday he admits Obama only has a plan and on Thursday he introduces a bill to a "PLAN"? Gives me memories of slick Willie. "But we can fix it as we move along," Kagen said. Word on the street is the health care bill will go for reconciliation on Monday which means no changes can be made! Geeeeeeeezzzzz, what is he talking about?

Does Steve Kagen play everyone in the 8th as a bunch of fools?
I can't believe the MSM got sucked in on this slick campaign ploy. Let's be clear, that's all this is. Something Kagen can tout on his web site.

Steve Kagen will vote for the democrat health care plan and will pay for it in November. I wonder if he turns into a coward and retires before November because of his vote. Congressman Steve Kagen is just like the snake oil salesman of the past.

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Paul J Loehlein said...

Typical McCarthyism article. Say a bunch of bad stuff about a good person and hope people are ignorant enough to believe it rather than do the research and find out it's not true. I suppose this writer just hopes health care gets more affordable. I'd rather have a plan sit around talking crap.