Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If You Die In Michigan, Are You Homeless

From The Escanaba Daily Press

Nearly 15,000 find homes.

Program assists 14892 people in Delta County

ESCANABA - The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP), developed as part of Michigan's Campaign to End Homelessness, has provided assistance to nearly 15,000 people in Delta County, according to officials.

HPRP was created by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in response to the current housing crisis. The HPRP initiative, part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, provides assistance to individuals and families to help them find stable housing. The program allows community agencies to provide a mix of non-financial services and other fiscal subsidies, including help with rental or utility payments.

Since July 2009, 80 percent of individuals and families have received prevention services that assisted them in remaining housed. The remaining 20 percent, declared homeless under federal guidelines, received assistance with HPRP that reduced the duration they were considered homeless.

"In Delta County, HPRP is a great example of a successful effort to prevent homelessness in the first place," said Nisha Tebear-Coolman, homeless coordinator for the Salvation Army. "In situations where residents do lose housing, HPRP support returns homeless citizens to stable housing in a short period of time."

According to Tebear-Coolman, a total of 14,892 people were served in Delta County, with one-third of those being families. Most of the households that received assistance were headed by single women.

I have a question. How can they help 14892 people when the population of Delta county is


Here's a link from

Is it that bad in Michigan that they are counting people who have died? I know that's how democrats find voters but how many people are homeless in Delta County Michigan? Where are they digging these people up?

Does the reporter have information for all of Michigan? Something doesn't compute!

Someone want to explain this to me.
Maybe I don't want to know.

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