Thursday, December 10, 2015

Will Trump Candidacy Cost Republican Seats

The Washington elites and those who only bleed republican are having a tough time wondering if they can vote for Trump if he would or could win the candidacy for president. They seem to be pulling down senate and congressional seats down with them.

Medved, who says he believes a “Trump candidacy would guarantee Republican losses in every swing state, as well as possible losses in Texas and Arizona,” added that just because he is questioning whether he could support Trump as the Republican nominee, it doesn’t mean he is considering supporting Clinton, who he was friends with when they both attended Yale Law School in the 1970s.  

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If republicans lose Senate and congressional seats in 2016, it will be there own fault for not listening to the people of this country. Do republicans in DC really think the people are S T U P I D? In Wisconsin, do the people of the state really want Russ Feingold back in office? Russ will get the same amount of democrat votes as Tom Barrett did in the last two elections for governor. In Wisconsin there is a finite number that will always vote D even if Mickey Mouse was on the ballot. If Johnson doesn't hear his constituents, he will lose to Russel, his constituents will just skip his vote inside the voting booth.  

As for Trump, a lot of what he is saying is connecting with flyover country. But obviously, it not connecting with the Washington elites and most in the republican party. We will take it a step further, it's like local and state right wing radio going off the deep end over Trump. It seems most, not all have jumped the Shark. They keep falling over themselves, seeing who can bash Trump the most and then giving each other high fives and kudos over Twitter, web sites and social media. It's pathetic?

Is it time for conservatives to leave republicans for a different party name? The name republican has been so bastardized by the liberal left, no matter what R's do or say, just stick a fork in em, they're done. Obviously most candidates running for President are not listening to their conservative majority of voters. Conservatives need to find a new party name and leave the name "republican" and it's RINO's to history books like the Wigs and the Federalists.

The Republican Party in DC is not the party it used to be.

What do you think?

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