Tuesday, March 13, 2012

RINO's On The Run

Huh, really.

FreedomWorks bets big against Orrin Hatch

"Forget about Senate Democrats and President Barack Obama. FreedomWorks, the influential Washington-based tea party group, is now waging an all-out war on a member of its own party: Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), whose defeat would send a major statement to establishment Republicans that the tea party has staying power."

 Federal records show that the group has virtually ignored incumbent Senate Democrats in its quest to take down the 35-year Senate veteran ahead of crucial statewide caucuses Thursday.
According to campaign finance filings, FreedomWorks has spent more than $615,000 to defeat Hatch — dumping cash to recruit volunteers, elect prospective convention delegates, send direct mail and launch TV and radio spots.
In contrast, the group has spent just $1,700 against incumbent Senate Democrats at this point, including against one who has since said he’d retire at year’s end: Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska. About $175,000 has been spent attacking Obama, with an additional $290,000 supporting GOP Senate candidates in other races, records show.
The group’s tactics are the latest chapter of the debate still hounding Republicans as they try to win a majority on Capitol Hill this November: Should they purge their own to find fresh blood who will be less willing to seek bipartisan compromises by straying from conservative principles? Or should they unite behind the most electable candidate and train all their fire power on Democrats?

Source: FreedomWorks bets big against Orrin Hatch - Manu Raju - POLITICO.com

The RINO, establishment republicans need to take heed to the people who vote. The old ways and canidates are a thing of the past.

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