Monday, January 31, 2011

Suder On Wisconsin Dems Killing 300 + Jobs

From the office of Scott Suder
Project thwarted by Assembly Dems had already received DNR approval
Madison – Late this week, Missouri based Bass Pro Shops announced they would no longer be building one of their stores in Green Bay amid unfounded criticism from several Democrats in the State Assembly. Despite the Democrat’s best efforts, Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) stressed on Friday that Assembly Republicans are committed to rectifying the situation and bringing jobs to Wisconsin.
“This fight is far from over,” said Suder. “Assembly Republicans remain committed to delivering what voters demanded last November, and that is jobs.”
The project, which had already been approved by the State Department of Natural Resources, would have brought hundreds of jobs to northeast Wisconsin at a time when the area is struggling with near double-digit unemployment.
According to Bass Pro Shops, each store employs 300 full time employees, and the building of their facilities requires hundreds of construction jobs.
“Liberal Democrats in Madison scored a death blow to northeast Wisconsin’s economy by winning a battle for the far left agenda,” said Suder. “It is shameful that a handful of lawmakers—none of whom represent the district where the store was to be built—have successfully kept hundreds of struggling Wisconsinites from getting back on their feet and finding work.”
On Thursday, Democrat Reps. Brett Hulsey (Madison), Louis Molepske (Stevens Point), Chris Danou (Trempeleau), and Nick Milroy (South Ridge) wrote a letter to the founder and CEO of Bass Pro Shops, Inc., urging them to keep their store and their hundreds of jobs out of Wisconsin.
I would hope the republican party and the people who live in their districts find canidates to replace these four in their next election. These four and the democratic party of Wisconsin will do anything to make Walker and republicans look bad. They will go to any length to stop the economy and jobs for Wisconsin.  

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