Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Pulaski Wis: How To Hide A Meeting From Tax Payers

Been busy with my new job but since I am from Pulaski,(psssst, don't tell anyone), I seen this little tidbit in the Green Bay Press.

"PULASKI — The village will hold a special board meeting at 10 a.m. Monday at the Village Hall to discuss options to fill the village president vacancy. Village President Ronald Kryger died Thursday evening after suffering a massive heart attack while working at Village Hall. The meeting is open to the public." Source: Meeting to address village president vacancy | Green Bay Press Gazette |

First, Mr Kryger, RIP.

Second I understand the city of Pulaski needs to fill the vacancy but what are they trying to pull here. A meeting at 10:00 am to discuss the matter? What about the 90% of the tax payers who are working at 10:00 am? Seems the powers at be in that little polish town are trying to stack the deck on who should take over until an election can be called. Maybe their by laws have someone suceed Mr Kryger but this doesn't pass the smell test. You have to be from there to understasnd. Will the old village president who lost to Kryger try to take over his old seat? 

Why not a second meeting Monday night? Wonder how the tax payers will end up paying for something more in the future because of meeting at 10:00 am on a Monday.


Anonymous said...

Let the people decide who the next village president will be. Have an election in April. Democracy should prevail.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Anonymous, first, afraid to leave a first name?

Second, what are you talking about? I simply stated that the town holds a meeting at 10:00 am when most tax payers are working and you think I am helping choose the candidate? Wow!

If "democracy should prevail" as you said, you should question a meeting at 10:00 am on a Monday morning. Leave your liberal sleeve in the closet.

Thank you for your comment and have a GREAT weekend.

Barry Alvarez said...

Anonymous simply stated there should be an election. Her comment did not insinuate you were helping to choose the next village president. Liberal sleeve? Don't quite get that deduction. As to your original comment, you are right on, there is no rationale for a morning meeting although I suspect it has more to do with the Packer game than anything else. Pulaski needs to grow it's tax base. They need to look at what is happening in Hobart and Howard. Attracting new industries takes careful planning, vigorous marketing and determined leadership. Leadership that accepts the status quo will lead to blight and decay. Pulaski has a strong sense of community and many citizens would like to see more forward movement to bolster existing businesses, attract new business and industry, improve the real estate market and make the Village the next hot growth area in the Green Bay metropolitan area. Others however want little growth. The next village president can be a pro-growth conservative or someone who does not propel progress. Lack of growth will mean more storefronts with for rent signs and parking lots over grown with weeds. People seem to be either pro-Pulaski or poor-Pulaski. The pro contingent want growth, jobs and action. The poor contingent want no change and believe that the village should be a retirement community, hence want little or no action on anything. They tend to be fearful of change and improvement. They think, "we are just a poor little farming community, that has lost a lot of boat building jobs, poor us, poor us, poor us." "To keep taxes down let's not spend a dime on making the village attractive." Conversely the pro contingent says, "let's roll up our sleeves and grow our village to keep taxes down." the future of the Village is at stake. Because so much is at stake the citizens should decide who the next president will be. Regularly read your blog, enjoy it immensely. God Bless you Paul.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Barry, It was so nice of you to take time off after the game last night to leave a comment.

Why are liberals scared to give at least their real first name, and not hide behind anonymous or made up names? A conservative person wouldn't do that.

If anonymous could not figure out what my post was about then she is in part why the country is in the trouble it is in. Why are you sticking up for an anonymous reader anyway? Anon needs to get some thicker skin.

But hey, thanks for stopping over and say hello to Bret Bielema for me, I haven't talked to him in over a week. He's said he might stop over after the season.

Have a Good Week.

Bret said...

After the Rose Bowl I will stop on over.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Bret, I forgot what you drink for adult beverages? Or will virgin mary's be OK.

Call me when your on your way up.

Take care and go Badgers.