Friday, September 23, 2011

$3.25 Gasoline Could Come Soon

From Bloomberg. at 7:02 am Central

Energy & Oil Prices

OIL ($/bbl)

Nymex Crude Future77.90-2.61-3.24%08:02
Dated Brent Spot106.58-0.97-0.91%08:13
WTI Cushing Spot80.26-5.49-6.40%09/22

OIL (¢/gal)

Nymex Heating Oil Future280.01-4.84-1.70%08:02
Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future254.52-1.48-0.58%08:01

If wholesale gas prices stay or drop more we should see $3.25 Gasolins soon. From past history, our gas in Wisconsin is mostly .70 - .80 above wholesale price.

Update, sorry, I need more coffee this morning. It's already $3.29 at 76th and Capitol in Milw. As of this morning Green Bay was around $3.66. Maybe it will drop under $3.00.

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