Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shawano Leader Turned Left

I wondered what happen to the Shawano Leader? There was a time when I called the Shawano Leader and Lakeland Times the only two paper of record in Wisconsin for reporting good hard hitting honest news. How things have changed. I guess we are down to one. Thank God For the Lakeland Times.

It used to be you could go to the online Shawano Leader and read good hard hitting unbiased news. From the past half year it seemed like the paper was changing. A lot of sympathy to teacher unions, news about recalls against republicans on the streets of Shawano and less and less updated stories on the online edition. I could alway know people like Tim Ryan did great work. It just seemed a little odd about someone who couldn't even put their name to the following, must be an opinion piece. It starts,

Enraptured in questions they don’t want us to ask

Anybody who’s read this column over the years probably knows I have an obsessive pet peeve about TV commercials.

I give them more thought than you’re supposed to give them. After all, they’re not real life. They’re just short, inane sales pitches not intended to be held up to intellectual scrutiny. Kind of like Republican talking points.

Nevertheless, I’m constantly seeing things in commercials that force me to ask logical questions completely unrelated to the product.

And then at the end.

So I say, keep asking questions. Whether its commercials or political talking points. Keep applying logic. And don’t let them pull the Woolite over your eyes.

"Republican talking points", say what? Where's the democrat lies? What about the 16 FLEEBAGGERS?  I think someone had too much time on their hands. Maybe they should hit the streets to go dig up some better news.  

I guess I can cross the leader off my GREAT papers list and glad I don't buy the dead tree version of the Shawano Leader. Too bad, I liked them in the past.

What happened? I guess it was pulled off the web. Wonder why? 

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