Sunday, May 08, 2011

NASCAR, Sparks Fly, Top Be Continued

I can see NASCAR's ratings going up next week. Bush Harvick going at it at Darlington. Skip to the 7:00 min mark if your short of time, otherwise it's worth the whole view!


steveegg said...

They both need to be parked for a couple races. You can't have one punk throwing a punch into a window net and the second punk shoving a car out of the way on pit road post-race.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Steve, thank you for your thoughts.

You may be right on what should happen to them but it sure increases viewers.

Can you please write a blog about the recount of the Wis supreme court the same way?

Kloppenburg pushes Prosser at press conference. Both sent to Walkers office. Come on man! You can do it!

It's about time conservatives stop the left from pushing us around!

Come on man, it would be GREAT!

Go for it man.

Have a GREAT week.

DR said...

Bush is just a dirty racer and Harvick is old-school. Yet with NASCAR I have no doubt everything will be blamed on Harvick.