Thursday, April 14, 2011

Republicans, "No More"

Shoebox over at No Runny Eggs has my beliefs. I'm getting sick and tired of these so called republicans. 

No Runny Eggs » Blog Archive » Having Balls:

When it became apparent last year that the Republicans would retake the house I had conversations with several people who are much more knowledgeable of Republican leadership than I. I told them my reservations about Boehner becoming speaker and how everything I had seen from him lead me to believe that he was another Washington lifer who would say or do what he needed to to keep his position. I was told by several of them that Boehner was the “real deal.” While now living in Kentucky, I agreed to be from Missouri and be shown that Boehner was a conservative.

"No more!

I am now on record as saying that Boehner is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Republican party. Boehner is either a charlatan or ignorant. Regardless of which, he is not worthy of leading a party’s effort that is overwhelmingly made up of a base that desires, no, DEMANDS reductions in government spending.

This continuing resolution needs to be voted down. Boehner needs to be personally repudiated by any true House conservative for putting them in a position of having to support this sham of an agreement.

I hate Nancy Pelosi. I despise everything about the woman. Even with my level of disdain for her I give her props for one thing; she has a set of balls as big as two moons hung side by side. Nancy has balls and Boehner is a eunuch!"

A message to Ribble, Duffy and you other so called republicans. .

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

Boehner and RINO's have to go! I would hope national, state and local party leaders will get the hint or do we need change them too!


Brian Dunbar said...

To paraphrase "I didn't leave the Republican party - it left me."

I want a party of small government, financial and personal responsibility. One that respects the Constitution and Federalism.

The GOP isn't it.

I don't see myself voting for the Republican candidate in 2012.

Shoebox said...

As much as I agree with the sentiment, the time to fight the RINOs is during the nomination process. Sitting out the general election or voting for folks who have no chance to win are a sure way for a second Obama election.