Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stimulus Money, How Many Jobs Were Created?

Seems stimulus money was used to pave the Fox River Trail. With unemployment high, how many jobs did this create?

From the Green Bay Press.
"DE PERE — Smooth pavement now covers about 10½ miles of the state's Fox River Trail.

A weekend ceremony on the state's most widely used trail that extends from Green Bay to Hilbert christened the newly paved sections of the path in De Pere and just south of the city. The trail hosts everyone from dog walkers and runners to bicyclists and inline skaters.

A small crowd gathered Saturday near the trail's intersection with Heritage Road in De Pere to celebrate the completion of several recent construction projects aimed at making the path more accessible for a variety of users."
Bit by bit: More than 10 miles of Fox River Trail have been paved | greenbaypressgazette.com | Green Bay Press Gazette

I like this. "A small crowd gathered Saturday near the trail's intersection..." All this spent money and only a few people show up to celebrate? What a Joke!

How much of your tax dollars were spent on this?
The most recent project that wrapped up last week was funded by more than $200,000 in federal stimulus money, said Matt Kriese, a supervisor with the Brown County Park Management Department.

$200,000 and how many jobs were created for this. Sure they raised private money but why in these bad economic times did we need to pave a bike path with tax dollars? Somebody got their palm greased.

Is anyone else "TICKED OFF" about government waste?

People are out of work, living week to week on their income and a few lefty greenie wienies can ride their bikes or walk a couple miles south of De Pere. And by the way, who will pay for this useless spending?

Your children and grandchildren. Things need to change in November.

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