Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Libs Fear Of Palin

Tony Lee via Market Place of Ideas.

"The contempt with which Democrats and liberals, and some non-Democrats and non-liberals, hold Palin oozes across your monitor. Lee has a potential reason:

First, these critics probably have never fully listened to any of her speeches. Rather, like Attorney General Eric Holder, who recently admitted that he went on Meet The Press to criticize a law — Arizona’s recently passed immigration laws — that he has not even read or been briefed about, these critics are merely parroting popular misconceptions about Palin and thinking they are original and smart in doing so.

But I think there’s something else at work here. I think liberals and those in the mainstream media fear her. Sure, they openly say she has no chance of beating President Obama — if she even runs, that is; but, inside, they must fear that she could very well beat President Obama in a one-on-one match-up. And unlike previous Republicans whose conservatism has been diluted once they got to Washington, Palin does not seem to care in the least what the establishment class — on both sides of the aisle — thinks of her. If she does come to Washington, her conservatism and convictions won’t get watered down. She’ll come to Washington to change it and not let Washington change her. In the end, this, more than anything, is what scares the left-leaning members of the establishment and chattering class. And also why conservatives gravitate towards and are willing to fight harder for her. "
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YOU GO GAL!!!!!!!!!!!

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