Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Give Me A Name, Give Me A Name.

For Tom Barret who told Charlie Sykes there is no voter fraud. Say it ain't so, voter fraud, come on your pulling my leg. From the Green Bay Press.
"Green Bay officials look into suspected voter fraud

BY SCOTT WILLIAMS • • April 6, 2010 "
Green Bay officials look into suspected voter fraud | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Green Bay officials are investigating two incidents of suspected voter fraud in which people voted in today’s election under other people’s names.

City Clerk Chad Weininger said police were examining video that might show one of the suspects inside a polling place.

Weininger said such misconduct is unusual in Green Bay elections.

“This is actually very rare for Green Bay,” he said.

The first incident occurred at St. Peter and Paul Church, 1420 Harvey St., and the second was at Danz Elementary School, 2130 Basten St.

In both cases, Weininger said, the real voter showed up later only to discover that clerks believed he or she had voted already.
“The poll worker is like,

‘You already voted,’” he said. “And the person was like, ‘I couldn’t have voted, because I am who I am.’”

Is it rare because no has been caught or has vote officials have been looking the other way about voter fraud.

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