Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Steve Kagen, 2010 Election File

From Rich Lowry at the New York Post.
"THE cap-and-trade bill passed the House of Representatives shrouded in a fog of willful ignorance and calculated irrationality.

No one could be sure what he was voting for -- not after the 1,200-page bill had a 300-page amendment added at 3:09 a.m. the day of its passage. The bill is so complex and jerry-built that even its supporters can't know how, or if, it will work." WRITTEN TO FAIL - New York Post

Last week, how could Steve Kagen vote on the Cap and Trade bill if he did not even read it? Where was he getting his information. How can he do the work he was sent to Washington for when he is voting blindly on legislation for the people of the 8th district.

Who told him to vote yes? Answer, Nancy Pelosi.

Is Steve Kagen a puppet with someone in Washington pulling the strings? Answer Nancy Pelosi, lobbyists and special interest groups.

Does Steve Kagen know what was in the final bill he voted for? Answer, It was impossible.

Here by Paul Blumenthal
"Here’s the timeline:"
What the frak is going on with the Cap and Trade bill? — Sunlight Foundation Blog
And that isn’t even the worst part. This, apparently, isn’t even the final bill. The final bill will be a manager’s amendment that will be drafted later this week! From a posting on the House Rules Committee, we know that the deadline to submit amendments is Thursday at 9:30am. And there is talk that this will be voted on on Friday. Thus, the final version of this bill will likely only be available for less than 24 hours.

Sunlight has been advocating for all bills to be posted online for 72 hours prior to consideration. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen here. If you think that Congress should read the bills they vote on, you can tell your congressman to both support the Read the Bill resolution, H. Res. 554, and to give the public enough time to read the final version of the cap and trade bill, whenever that is made available.

Is Steve Kagen ignorant to the bills he votes for? Does he not even read or know what he is voting for. Does he think his voters back home are a bunch of ignorant, saps who don't pay attention to what he is or isn't doing in Washington?

Is this what the people of the Wisconsin's 8th district voted for? A politician who is told how to vote, what to say and how to play the game in Washington while his constituents suffer back home with layoffs, shutdowns, furloughs and now higher energy costs!

Steve Kagen is in Washington for his own financial gain, to advance his friends agenda's, and to stick it to his constituents back in Wisconsin. Steve Kagen votes for the highest bidder and his constituents don't count.

This needs to be told when Kagen starts his reelection bid in 2010. Will the MSM tell the story or are they there to give cover to Steve Kagen? Don't count on it. They're not even giving you the whole story on cap and trade.

God help us all!


Nisha Thompson said...

We can't let what happened with Cap n Trade happen to health care reform.

If they post the bill constituents will be able to organize around its contents and tell their representatives how they feel. This will allow them to keep lawmakers more accountable around election time.

We can eliminate the excuse that lawmakers didn't know about certain provisions in the bill.

This is why we need to get H. Res 554 passed and make them post legislation 72 hours before debate.

Make sure Rep. Kagen wants this legislation to pass.


Nisha Thompson
Sunlight Foundation
Online Organizer

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Thanks Nisha, good information for everyone to follow through on.

Why don't they know and read the bills beforehand anyway. That's why we send them to Washington, to do their job for us. To read and know what they are voting for! You don't need another bill in my opinion. If conservatives voted on a bill they didn't read it would be a scandal.

Thank you again and have a GREAT week.

Politicians are just lazy and looking for money to grease their pockets. There is no excuse for this anyway!